A downloadable game for Windows

A Fox's Brew is a 2D game where you help Clea (the fox) collect as many ingredients as you can to brew an amazing potion as a birthday present for Ethel (the nicest witch).

Music: Road to Oregon - Audio Network



Rohaan K. Allport - 2D Artist, Animator & Tech Artist

Regina V. Esteva - Producer & Game/Level Designer

Rafael Laffitte - VFX Artist & Game Designer

Sai Nikhita Reddy - Tech Artist & Generalist

Pooja Balamurali - 2D Prop Artist

Jenny (Beichen) Guo - 2D Character Artist

Antonio (Mint) Moses - 2D Environment Artist

Install instructions

Download the ZIP build and then run the .exe on a PC. The instructions on how to play are there once you start. If you can't run it, you probably don't have Runtime installed: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145

Known bugs and issues:

- No current errors or bugs known. However, the game still has many mechanics and art that could be polished.




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